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my why:

Covid-19 was in many ways responsible for me returning to my love of art. As a young girl I could be found frequently sketching in my art book and painting, but back then it didn't seem practical, and I doubted my level of talent that would pay the rent. In May 2020 for not5 the first time my life took a major shift. I was in my 20th year as a social worker, never did I anticipate that everything would change about how I did my job after such a long time. When the pandemic hit, I was a full-time working mother of two kids aged 6 and 10, both in school and now on top of doing my 9-5 job to pay the bills I was also a teacher of first grade and fifth grade.

Being a teacher was never a dream I held. I was terrible at it, I don't deny. By June 2020 we all had enough of virtual meetings and we couldn't swim and walk all the time so I turned back to an old friend, my art. My art was such an unexpected blessing that came from the pandemic. Painting brought my family together, it gave me an mental break from work and schooling my kids. For me painting and drawing is meditative. I can shut out the world and not think about all the responsibility of the unknown threats that seemed to be all around us.

As I continued to paint I started to remember and rediscover the talent I had in painting. So I painted, and painted, and then painted some more. My husband grew concerned we did not have enough wall space in our home, and to be honest I was right behind him. So I started painting not just for my own joy but to give joy to others.

I have always felt the most treasured of gifts is just thoughtfulness and to me nothing was more thoughtful than making a piece of art that is one of kind that would celebrate or honor the things, people, pets that someone else holds close to their heart.

So that Christmas my gifts were my art, and the gift to myself was seeing the joy in my friends and families faces when they got a painting of their favorite person, pet, landscape, memory, etc...I found that nothing felt better than the time I spent working on a painting when I knew it would bring happiness to others especially during such trying times. This is why I got here, I want to keep giving and in turn getting happiness with my art.

Mauve Paint Brushstroke

About ME

I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom, and social worker. I grew up in a small city in NH. As a young girl I could be found frequently sketching in my art book and painting, but back then it didn't seem very practical to me to go to art school, so I did the practical thing and got a few college degrees and found a career in social work. I have worked in child protection as a clinical social worker going on 23 years. I am proud to have worked in this field with some wonderful caring people, but it is not a stress-free job. I have seen, felt, and managed through many difficult tragedies during my career. In the past couple of years returning to my love of art, I have found healing and resilience.

In some ways painting for you gives back to me as well, it eases my worries, and helps me see the good in the world, and hope for the future.

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Mauve Paint Brushstroke

mY Cause:

My daughter Hailey was diagnosed in 2019 with Type 1 Diabetes. She had just turned 5 years old. It was an especially difficult time for me as a mother as I accepted and coped with this life altering diagnosis.

We are now coming up on our 5th year as a T1 family and life has had it's share of challenges for us but every day we strive to make the world a better place for T1 kids just like Hailey. Portions of my proceeds from my art go to supporting newly diagnosed T1 Kids and their families. We felt alone in those first days and months, and I find purpose in what we have been through in trying to make sure that other families never feel that way.

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Mauve Paint Brushstroke


Custom Paintings

Send me a photo of whatever you would like painted, pets, children, families, places, objects. Choose your desired medium, size, shipping address, and any special instructions. Add a name, date, or saying. My paintings make the best gift for family and friends. Perhaps for a wedding gift, anniversary, or even to help comfort someone after a difficult loss. I will quote you a price based on size specifications, time, and difficulty. Pick up is available in NH, however I am able to ship anywhere, shipping costs will be factored into price. Send me an email at PAINTBYLINDSAY@ONMAIL.COM or visit my Etsy shop at PAINT4LOVECUSTOMART.

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Mauve Paint Brushstroke

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